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A disturbing, devastating reinterpretation of the moral codes.

An artwork that shows that hyponotic majesty of the best works of a photograph & artist inspired by Surrealism.


The Earth spins like an empty catafalque, The Procession, The Cinema, The Hunt, The Vedetism or The Fishing -a work that clarifies that "the dreamed woman can only remain dreamed"- are some of the productions that give life to The decomposition of the myths, one of the parts of theis extensive and rich Collection.



This craziness of the world, about suicide and madness

n23 falsa luz del dia.-1
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Only a few artists as Antonio Gálvez have managed to endow the photographic image in its various modalities with such expressiveness, rescuing or isolating in the visible a hurtful pathos, a testimony often poignant that subverts our preconceptions about a reality that we thought we knew and that unexpectedly comes from the evidence.

hunger-10 commandments


Fundamental in the artist's career: 'Erotism', marked by Quevedo's irony and a dreamlike language with which he masks his vital experiences. The fifty photomontages that make it up date between 1987 and 1999 and have such suggestive titles as 'Neither lift it nor the crane', 'The battleship Pito-mkine', 'The boneless of my loves and many more.

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